knock, knock – who’s there?

knock, knock – who’s there?

While we all look for answers, or love, or somehow to know what we don’t know, to find spiritual guides or spiritual wisdom, finding is another matter. This essay by Leslee Hare has some very interesting points to ponder. I recommend a read.  Janet




5 thoughts on “knock, knock – who’s there?

  1. I love the line about us being born into forgetting. That reminds me of that marvelous look a new baby gives us, as if they are trying to remember what we looked like when they were still selecting their ‘world’ before birth! And I often recall the cartoon of the two year old saying to the new baby in the family, “Quick! Tell me what God looked like when you left Heaven. i think I forgot.”

    1. Hi, Valorie, thanks for these beautiful words! Yes, I think you got it perfectly! What a wonderful way of viewing it! May we all reach a point where we never need to forget 🙂 happy 2012! Leslee

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