The Return of Light

This end of week period leading into Christmas includes several stellar days: the Solstice, Hanukkah, a New Moon, and Christmas Eve, all bellweather dates for celebrating the return and rebirth of light.

This morning, I was thinking about my friends who live in the Southern Hemisphere and how this time of year for them is high summer, this solstice their turn from long days to shorter days into winter while in our Northern Hemisphere the turn is to light and to longer days into summer.

And I know there are families in Australia, for example, celebrating Christmas, with very different customs, I’d think. Although I did read how Cate Blanchett said they have a traditional roast beef Christmas dinner but no one eats it because it’s too hot. Odd, this Christmas thing and the traditions around it.

And then I began thinking how Christmas is really a European creation; i.e. from the Northern Hemisphere. Yes, we’d like to think it’s a desert creation with the birth of Jesus and all that: the baby, the star, wise men, shepherds; but the reality is Christmas was created in Rome. And developed throughout Europe to replace the pagan holiday around Solstice. And yet, tomorrow morning in church, we’ll read the story of Mary and Joseph and the baby and once more, we will celebrate the birth.

We are such odd beings we human being. No doubt someone reading this post will complain I’m taking the magic out of Christmas, as if that weren’t an oxymoron in itself. Magic? Christmas? Okay.

I like it too! Our house is filled with magic: with lights and cards and packages and wrapping. All of it. Oh, and cookies. I’m not sure what kind of magic that is, but they sure are good.

What I especially like at this time of year is family and stories. And I remind myself (as I seem to do each year) to ask my older sister about the stories she remembers from when we were young. And Cliff pulls out the Christmas movies and we watch Alastair Sim create Scrooge once again (I don’t deserve to be so happy!); and we pull out the Grinch (both Jim Carrey and the cartoon); and A Child’s Christmas in Wales (did you even know there was a movie based on the book?). Cliff lines up the movies next to the television and we go through them one by one, just as he stacks up the Christmas CDs and we go through them one by one.

Last year, our house was filled with family. This year, it’s mostly filled with simple. Just us. And both are wonderful in their own way.

So however you are celebrating these holy-days, may they be filled with laughter and light and peace and, most especially, cookies!



13 thoughts on “The Return of Light

  1. What a lovely post, Janet – Happy Brilliant New Year! Do you know, I thought I was already subscribed to your blog and that you just hadn’t been posting! (but um, no, that was me that hadn’t been posting… or paying attention very well…) Anyway, thank you so much for popping back into my life, and I’ll try to stop back by more often! With lots of love & light, Leslee

  2. Merry Christmas Janet. One of the gifts of the season was the egg my hen laid this morning. Since the days became short, there have been no eggs and I’ve missed them. Length of daylight must have finally triggered a response in the girls 🙂

  3. To night I’ll be lighting the 5th light of my Hanukkyah and in such a way will also be celebrating with you the focused descent of more light unto our present home planet and all creatures. Feels to me that that a good new measure of light is coming in for a landing.

    Tomorrow morning I’ll very quietly and simply witness the new morning. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be joining a group of good people who are regularly practicing Transmission Meditation. With many other dwellers and travelers on Mother Earth, we’ll begin by uttering the Great Invocation (see link below). After that we’ll welcome the healing energy transmission of the Masters of Wisdom who come “here” to facilitate humanity’s rising awareness of its awakening from the illusion of exile. I include a link to the Great Invocation, for you and all readers who will intuitively feel drawn to it. If after viewing it, you wish to know a little more about this service and practice, I suggest you google Transmission Meditation.

    The Great Invocation – 1945 – YouTube

    I pray and hope that the Tree of Life will continue to reveal itself to be the Unifying Living Force it truly is, on earth as in heaven; may good news be well received and assimilated in the hearts of all people, regardless of their individual traditions, or lack thereof.

    Dear Janet, happy cookies to you and Cliff, along with healthy strings of funny laughter. May unexpected and surprising blessings grace many lives in the year a’coming.


    1. Thank you, Monique! This is wonderful. Let love and hope stream forth into the hearts of all humans. And may the lights of your candles bring light to all in radiating kindness. Thank you for being part of my life.

  4. jason called and is felling much better and has put off his hospital return until tomorrow, my proceedures seem to be helping my bppv and hopefully will be back to work by the end of next week. no tree no lights no big family meal tomorrow, no mom, but maybe some light in the distance. that will be enough. blessings to all

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