Seasons and Change (via Spiritual Crossroads)

This post from last year at this time surprises me: last week, on the first day of September when it rained here, this year of 2011, I could have easily written the same thing. And when I saw the sky this morning, the deep blue of September, it said, “see, I’m back. You’d forgotten.” It’s not that I really forget, because if someone said, does the sky change colors with the seasons, I’d have said yes, of course! But if being surprised by the brilliant blue is part of forgetting and remembering, then yes, I forgot. And if part of being surprised is forgetting, then I’d forgotten the following post. I enjoyed reading it again – this post from a year ago – I hope you enjoy reading it again too. J.

Seasons and Change There's comfort in the regularity of seasons. Today, this first day of September, rain has come like a welcome visitor. The willow lifts its arms in greeting. It's not a summer rain with high roiling thunderheads and stunning lightning, rather this is a fall rain – although technically we're still in summer. The pearlescent gray-silk overcast and the cool drifting wind tells another season. I open my window to soft sounds: rain, muted traffic noi … Read More

via Spiritual Crossroads

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