Becoming New

History is not a backdrop to our lives, but an agent, an interactor.

                                                                Trinity Fields, Bradford Morrow

Yesterday at the chiropractor’s office, both my doctor and her office assistant asked me, “What’s going on??” as in why two earthquakes in a parallel line across the U.S. and why a hurricane running up the east coast and why people were making left turns in the middle of streets without watching traffic all on the same day. “Janet’s coming in today, she’ll know,” they’d told each other.

Not that I’m an oracle or something, but they know I watch astrological patterns. I watch them because then I can pay attention to the wider picture and not get caught up in my own personal drama. Sun opposing Neptune, yesterday. It’s a pretty strong electro-magnetic force and signifies both water (hurricane) and fogginess (left-hand turns).  I can get pretty foggy-headed myself, so my task was to call myself back to focus time after time and pay attention to traffic.

And this Sun/Neptune thing just a small part of the larger picture of shifts in the large outer planets (Pluto, Uranus, Saturn) going on – and which will continue to go on – until 2015 or so. In other words, we’re in a game-changing epoch. And in the meantime, people are acting in small, irritating ways because life is, well, irritating, and it’s hard to see the big picture.

The big picture is that we’re moving from the industrial age to ….well, we don’t know to what – the data age – but it doesn’t have a name yet. We are, all of us, players in history.

Isn’t that an interesting thing to think about – how history – world historical moments, interact with our personal lives?

As this transition is happening on the world stage – whether in Libya or Syria or the United States – it’s also happening in our personal lives. We have the opening to transition out of ineffective patterns into something that’s more effective. Or we can hunker down because all the changes are “scary” – history doesn’t much care either way. But by interacting with a period, seeing a new beginning in the world as a time for our personal life to evolve, opens history into personal interaction.

We might be cleaning out the surplus in our lives, we might be changing a hair style or a physical way we’re walking or being in our body. We might be forgiving past hurts. Notice what you’re doing – how you are preparing for a new epoch in your own life.

The last time some of these patterns were around was in the mid-60s (think revolution and war), before that, the mid-30s (think bank crashes and the great depression). The last time the entire pattern was in place was in the mid-6th century. As I said, it’s a game-changer.

Have fun. Play the game. Become someone new.

6 thoughts on “Becoming New

  1. Janet, I adore your dare to “have fun” with historical/astrological changes. Having fun IS an option, isn’t it?
    I am choosing to embrace the rapidly evolving data world, to the best of my ability, and loving the smell of a new challenge. Not quite as exhilarating as the sell of a new car but still a great vehicle to make progress. Can’t ya just see me hanging out the window of the Change Train as we all zoom by, my red hair flying and my eyes all agleam?!?! woo-hoo!

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