Weekly Photo Challenge: Doors

In Paris two years ago, we made one of the required stops at Notre Dame Cathedral, but I really wanted to walk around behind the church to a little street called Rue Massillon which promised “the scant remnants of medieval Paris on Ile de la Cite…” so said our Walks Through Lost Paris guidebook. I don’t know exactly what “scant remnants” are supposed to look like, but we did come across a charming little doorway to a tea shop around the curve of the street. 

A Pink Door and Tea


Unfortunately, the street was too narrow for me to back up enough to get a clear shot so I have a piece of motorcycle, but the doorway certainly promised magic with its pink colors and stuffed birds. Words on the adjoining window to the right indicated that a tea leaf reader was available if one wished. Flying buttresses, crown of thorns, gargoyles, and a tea leaf reader. All within a stone’s throw of one another in the alleyways of Notre Dame.



2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Doors

  1. Quelle jolie idee! what a pretty idea…pink door to tea. Love it!
    Reminds me of the tea garden at La Musee de la Vie Romantique, The RomanticLife Museum. It was the Paris home of George Sands and her lover Chopin.
    We enjoyed Violet Tea and Rosebud Pound Cake, with actual baby pink rosebuds in each delicate, moist slice.
    Ah Paris…….

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