Summertime Fun

Okay, happy campers. How’s it going on this New-Moon-third-eclipse-in-a-month-4th-0f-July weekend with temperatures ranging in the plus 100 level, droughts to the west of us, and a Missouri River flood heading our way?

Don’t get me wrong, summer is my favorite season, but 100 plus weather is like 0 degree weather in the winter: I don’t go outside much. This morning, however, I woke too early for good sense, so by the time 6:30 arrived, I needed to move and everyone else in the house still slept. So, before 7, I went for a walk.

Not a lot of traffic before seven in the morning. I’d heard a siren earlier, but as I crossed our closest, busy street, I barely had to check for cars. One. A block away. That left me free to notice other things: light, for example. The sunlight that bedevils us at noon glistened in the tops of trees. No cars fought me for space on the street. And I thought about my friend Kim who runs every morning, early, very early, and I understood.

There’s a balance to the day in the morning, before cars, before life begins swinging to excess.

And that’s what most of us keep looking for: some balance in our lives. I saw a man quietly water plants with a hose; another man quietly walked his dog, coffee in hand; church bells rang for morning mass. A comforting sound, regardless of frustration with the current policies or politics. I came home and hand-watered my plants, too. The cucumbers already producing, the tomatoes putting on little, round, hard, green balls. The fullness of the season is upon us.

Much as I like my morning musings with a cup of tea, I may become an early morning walker. It gives me a new way to look at the world and it changes habits that may need shaking into a new pattern.

That’s the second part, perhaps, of balance – flexibility. I stay in better balance when I’m flexible – in my legs and in my mind.

So here’s a New Moon for you – with an eclipse to help you break up old patterns. Where do you need to look to see things new; what will bring you flexibility and balance?

8 thoughts on “Summertime Fun

  1. Apparently, God and the Universe are calling me to review my feelings about success, time and dreams.

    I am finding balance, this summer of abundant blossoming, in allowing myself to avoid living so close to the hands on the clock. Instead, I am listening to the beat of my own heart.

    I find time in small pockets; two hands of good ole Crazy Eights by oil lamplight on the front porch one evening, sorting actual photographs from long-neglected negatives (remember flash cubes?) and mailing Memory Bundles to loved ones. I stuff a padded envelope from the dollar store with photos, children’s’ drawings and love notes from ages ago.

    In cleaning out the basement I am finding the little smirks and giggles lurking in the corners of my heart. In a wee pocket in the back of my mind.

  2. i work with a kid from baltimore, he gets to work an hour early, if he lives 20 minutes later he barely gets to work on time. so yes there is an early morning time warp.

  3. Shaking old habits into new patterns is something that rings familiar, not a day goes by without its clusters of major and minor changes, the current of light is *that* strong now.

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