Ends and Beginnings (via leslee hare)

I like this artist. She has a visual view in lines of what I work to accomplish in words and I wanted to pass on her work. To see her blog and work full size, click on the below sketch.

Ends and Beginnings I sat down a few days ago and tried a new approach to my sketch journal… I just followed my “intuition”, and the pen went on a rather wild journey across the paper, in a line that jumps and squiggles and sweeps back and forth, up and down, with WORDS interspersed. I hope the resolution on this image is high enough that those who are interested can make out the words and follow their progression… One thing I understand is that they can really … Read More

via leslee hare

3 thoughts on “Ends and Beginnings (via leslee hare)

  1. Again the serendipity of it all! No matter how hard I try to convince myself that I can be an artist with colors, as well as words, I always seem to crave the words to fill in my pictures.. maybe that’s why I often think of the title of a picture long before I attempt to create it.
    Now I see I can combine them! Ah ha! Blessed Compromise, I salute thee!

  2. Thank you for sharing this at such a timely time. Just yesterday, I started drawing again as part of my morning pages. I’ve made a commitment to do this. I’ve been blocked from drawing for many months (years?), while I’ve tried to avoid hearing the critics in my head, and finally, thanks, in part to Valerie’s gift of a watercolor class I just took, I’m grateful to rediscover the meditative quality drawing offers me, and I love the freedom of interspersing words with drawing–like mind maps. A wonderful centering experience for me.
    Thank you for reminding me, again, that I can shift gears by drawing–anywhere.

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