Tuesday of Holy Week

I tell you solemnly, one of you will betray me.  John 13

Each year, the journey of Holy Week begins anew, no matter how many times we’ve traveled it in the past. And each year, we have examples of human life in a condensed time frame.

On Sunday, we had wild celebrations, Monday’s gospel gave an example of human jealousy over the acclamations Jesus received, and today we have betrayal.

I’ve read or heard many theories of who Judas was, why he did what he did. There’s no sure answer to that except to note that the story of Judas appears in the synoptic gospels as well as the Gospel of John. And so, from that, we must surmise that the experience with Judas happened regardless of why.

But betrayal comes in many ways to Jesus just as it comes to us. Peter betrays – Peter the Rock who is strong and confident. Martha and Mary, the sisters who love Jesus, each betray when they doesn’t trust Jesus’ actions. The people Jesus heals betray when they don’t thank him or when they return to their previous lives and ways.

Betrayal. It comes to each of us in all ways and in many situations. When we use anger that hurts someone else, we betray the Christ Consciousness. When we get frustrated and fearful at work or the lack of work, we betray our Christ Consciousness. When we refuse to help someone, we betray our Christ Consciousness. In little ways and big, we betray the injunction to love one another, to be at peace. We betray the Christ Consciousness when we worry or retreat from conscious behavior. We betray our Christ Consciousness when we judge another’s actions.

Observe your journey this week. How do you, how do I, how do all of us betray in large ways and small? How do we reconcile ourselves to our self? How do we learn to trust the journey? Psalm 71 for today reads, “In you I take refuge; let me never be put to shame; incline your ear to me and save me.” Are we “saved” from our fears when we live consciously in the Christ Consciousness?

This week, become conscious of all your actions and reactions, your emotions and your experiences.  

Lent and Holy Week give us a concentrated period of time to examine our lives, to release that which causes our darkness, to prepare once more for a rebirth into a new way of thinking, breathing, and living.

Take these days and prepare for rebirth.

3 thoughts on “Betrayal

  1. How do I view my all-too-common betrayals of the Christ consciousness? With a plea for God’s mercy. And God never fails to love me more than I could ever imagine. How miraculous its is when we, as adults, recognize that our Godly Parent loves us with that unconditional-agape love we yearned for from our human parents!

    Thank God for God!

  2. Thank you, Janet, for your faithfulness with these meditations this Lent. It’s been an amazing journey into unforeseen territory. I’ve learned more about how unconscious I can be, and have been–how I betray my Christ-consciousness, and all those around me when I’m on autopilot–or blaming, self-righteousness mode.

    I’ve been confronted in unexpected ways and I’ve softened, at times, opened my eyes and absorbed.

    This morning, I must have been right where I was meant to be, when I saw a dog rise after being hit by a car, and I was able to return her to her distraught owner, while I recalled my own desperate chases after Barkley, our old dog, who didn’t make it through this Lent. A death, and a sort of resurrection–up close and personal. What wonders we can experience when we remain tuned in to our abundantly lesson-filled moments!

    1. What a lovely experience! And a lovely realization. Up close and personal, as you said. Thanks so much for posting it. I wondered how you were doing with Barkley’s absence from your life. And look what happened – a gift in your arms.

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