Turn From Your Darkness

Monday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Jesus said to the people, I am the light of the world. No follower of mine shall ever walk in darkness.  John 8

When we imposed ashes on Ash Wednesday, we said, “Turn from your darkness and move to the light.”

It’s been a long journey since Ash Wednesday. We’ve all gone through some chaotic days and frustrating times. And we are reminded again and again to put down our frustrations and follow the light.

I suppose there are as many reasons for us humans to fall into despair and confusion, doubt and darkness, as there are humans. In other words, the reasons are boundless. And how difficult one simple request can be: turn from our darkness and move into light.

It’s as if every day we have to be reminded, while each day gives us one more, ten more, reasons to become weary and grumpy and dark. Why is the simple idea that we walk in light so very difficult to remember?

Maybe because it is one simple idea and the darkness so complex and numerous. This, then, might be a good time to remember we follow the light.

I don’t think that by following the light our lives become uncomplicated. I don’t think that by following the light, we are automatically relieved of the human existence with its stresses and challenges.

But I do believe that taking the time to remember the light that dwells in us, the peace that is ours for the asking, helps us identify with that part of ourselves not burdened by frustrations.

Each time today when a moment becomes heavier than you might have wished or filled with frustrations, take the moment back for yourself. Find that clear place of peace and light within and allow it to grow. Breathe into it and allow it to fill you.

Each time we remember our light, each time we turn to that light, we become the light; and life seems a little more manageable. Turn from your darkness and move to the light.

One thought on “Turn From Your Darkness

  1. How appropriate for today, Janet! As soon as I emerged from our blissfully darkened bedroom and saw the glorious Springtime sunshine I was filled with new vigor! I gleefully donned my battered straw gardening hat, planted a few more flowers, watered, smiled and blessed the birds.
    Light is a good thing. Thank you God for Light.

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