Saturday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Holy One, I take shelter in you.  Psalm 7

Today feels like a pause in the onslaught of changes and challenges we’ve had lately. The morning quiet, the birds happy, no sirens or storms. The sun is even shining.

I talked to my sister who lives in Hawaii yesterday and she said March had been a trying month. I mention this because it doesn’t matter much where you look, the last few weeks have been filled with stressors. Even in “paradise.”

This morning, however, feels more normal – whatever normal means these days. What it means to me is that I’ve noticed my body feels rested, my head feels clear, I’m able to just be without pushing myself or struggling to get everything done that needs doing.

All three readings are about judgment and being judged, but today I don’t feel judged or pushed. Instead, I feel sheltered.

If your day is gentle and lacking judgment, notice that. Take some time to just be in your body and see how it feels. Maybe, just maybe, we’re okay.  Maybe today, we can take shelter and just be. Wouldn’t a day off be nice?

2 thoughts on “Sheltered

    1. LeRoy, if I’ve missed saying thank you for posting, please forgive me. Sometimes the email clogs the entire system – including my head and eyes! So thank you. For reading and commenting and liking.

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