Small g god

Friday of the Third Week of Lent

We shall no more say, “our god,” to the work of our hands.  Hosea 14

As I was reading Hosea this morning, I was stopped by the “our god” – “god” with a small g. Not an error of the Lectionary editors, the small g god had a meaning quite different from the one I normally think of.

And I realized the worry I woke with this morning was that small g.

Yesterday, the day before, way too many of the days, are filled with unexpected or expected dashing. Expected or unexpected (and often unexpected) news of one sort or another. None of them are earth shattering for the most part, but taken together, it’s overwhelm time.

And yet, as I sat with those words “our god” with the small g, picking apart the “oh, my gosh!” feelings I woke with, I realized that in actuality, things were pretty much okay. Yes, there’s a lot going on and yes, there are pieces that will need attention, but worrying about them rather than simply doing what I need to do makes them my “god” – that pesky god with a small g.

What god are you creating from the work of your hands? What are you putting foremost in your life? Is it time to give up that god?

With those questions to myself, I am called back to spiritual awareness, to the breath moving in and out of my body, to peace.

5 thoughts on “Small g god

  1. excellent, we are all and have been in a state of small GOD for as long as man can think, stopping thinking and start feeling and you wilk connect with the All Mighty and your life will become smooth and wonderful.


  2. It’s such a comfort to know that my spiritual model is still human.
    Thank you, Janet, for confirming the obvious about myself.
    When I spend too much time trying to make my life work out according to my own plan, I put myself in that small “g” category.
    And there is no way I can handle Life.
    I don’t even understand how gravity works yet!
    Today, I will let God be god and I will be the Valorie.

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