Today’s prompt for a blog post is “What confuses you the most?” What??? It’s more like What Doesn’t?

The second possibility would be, “What confuses you the least?” That’s easier. Rain. Rain doesn’t confuse me. I understand rain comes from clouds which have picked up moisture as they track from somewhere or another.

But as for the rest of it? I’m not sure there is a “most.” How do you rate good, better, best – or many, most, when the answer is everything? Most Everything, in fact.  I don’t know one thing that is simple these days. Rain. Rain is simple. See what I mean?

So I think I need some help here. What confuses you most? Or, if you wish, what confuses you the least? And you can’t answer “rain.” I already have that one.

10 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. Well Janet, I didn’t really realize I was so confused until you asked! Now I’m having trouble coming up with one thing that doesn’t confuse me. What confuses me most of all I think is myself. You know, and now I can think of what confuses me least: Nature. Good questions, thanks!

  2. hatred confuses me. it takes so much energy to even remember what the hell was so upsetting after a time.

    what’s least confusing is love. it just is.
    like breathing in and breathing out and the amazing ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide, always being just right.

    breathing is confusingly simple isn’t it?

  3. the dog growls at you because he doesn’t know you and he was just marking his territory. get to know him and he should wag his tail soon enough. i’m confused by the extra gravity at my house. i don’t knock stuff over out in the world. my belt loop doesn’t grab the chair out in public. the big things that confuse me are usually ruled by my wants. keep it simple…grow….keep it simple….grow. aaaaarggg. bumper sticked: wag more growl less

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