At the Boundary

A new poem, At the Boundary, received an honorable mention in the Ancient Paths Random Poetry Contest and will be published in their upcoming journal.

At the Boundary

An ancient barn, fading against

a 21st century housing development,

sits at the juncture of two paths

beyond the fence line.

Beside the barn, a windmill,

broken for decades, no longer

useful to water the soil at its base

or anywhere else, for that matter.

What capricious twist of fate

set these new houses, shiny

siding gleaming in acrylic pastels,

beside a weathered barn?

I imagine summertime boys slipping

beyond watchful parents’ boundaries

to enter the faith of rusty nails

and broken padlocks,

boys to rescue the relics of mystery,

water the soil from the fountain

of their urine,  and offer redemption

to an old barn beyond the fence line.

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