New Moon Eclipse and Fear

On Sunday, July 11th, we’ll have a New Moon Solar Eclipse. For those of you who read my post, “Change With Faith” (stored in the Morning Musings link) you’ll have some idea of the planetary energies of these times as we were about to enter a Lunar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse comes two weeks after. Eclipses do that: they pair up. Anytime there’s one, another follows two weeks later. Sunday is the “two weeks later.”

Most of us are being knocked around in one way or another these days; the earth itself is responding fiercely.  In terms of global realities or even personal realities, nothing has really changed much in the last two weeks. Unless, of course, we’ve become even more embroiled, and fearful, of the changes in our lives and environments.

Fear doesn’t serve; it doesn’t serve globally and it doesn’t serve personally. What fear does all too well is trap us in a position that obscures a wider vision. For example, if I become stressed by my own life, I’m unable to see that others are stressed by theirs. I’m unable to see how we are all connected in a wider reality. I add to the stress rather than add to peace.

That’s why I watch universal energies and why I read widely to absorb a variety of perspectives. I want to use these times and these pressures to change and grow rather than use them to feel put upon and persecuted. When I read astrologers and learn that the planetary patterns we’ve been experiencing over the past two or three years and will continue to experience, in varying degrees, over the next three or four years, have not set up in quite this way for over a thousand years, I’m astounded.

It’s much easier to think about eclipses or full and new moons. The moon is like our personal life; it’s close, we know it. Several times over the past year when life seemed particularly dicey to one or anther friend, she would say, “Is it a full moon?” because we know that full moons can rattle all our cages. But looking from a historical perspective of a thousand or two thousand years becomes too big to absorb. But the reality is we are moving into a new era, a new dimension of living, and the planetary pattern is called “The Cardinal Cross.” We are leaving the Industrial Age and moving into an era we have no name for. Ergo: Fear. Who will we be when we are no longer who we are?

Here’s a couple of paragraphs from the article, “The Cardinal Cross of July and August,” by Phil Reckard at

“”The most exalted and ideal way to imagine the Cardinal Cross would be to stand upright with our arms outstretched – in a strictly symbolic crucifixion pose…Our left hand holds the ability for boundless (Jupiter) creativity (Uranus), our right hand holds the Universal wisdom (Saturn) and the ruthless determination (Mars) to make anything miraculous happen, and just over our heads is the complete knowingness of our karmic purpose (Pluto). Even if our right hand might not know what our left hand may be doing – it’s called faith.”

“The intensity of the Cardinal Cross will reach an apex this summer…The historical context of which is fascinating and important to know about, but…the most significant escape route is to lead from our hearts. If things are getting a little too intense this summer, simply go outside after each day’s sunset and look above the western horizon. Venus will be right there in her role as the Evening Star, and by simply meditating on her guiding light will infuse us with everything we need to know about the correct way to proceed – with her aspects of love, balance, harmony, and justice – as if we have any other choice.”

Jeff and Janni, from Hyannis and family of my much-loved teacher, Ralph Weston, now deceased, sent the below reminders.

“The world will end when we realize that the frightening world that intimidated us was but a bad dream. Only love is real. If something comes from love, trust and act on it; you are making an investment in a bank that will never fail. When led by fear, you will reap nothing that you truly want. The soil of consciousness is now being turned over to plant anew; the world of darkness is coming to an end, to make way for greater light.” I Had It All the Time – Alan Cohen

“The world will end in joy, because it is a place of sorrow…/The world will end in peace, because it is a place of war…/The world will end in laughter, because it is a place of tears…     A Course of Miracles

Be the miracle. Bring peace by being at peace. Put down the fear.

2 thoughts on “New Moon Eclipse and Fear

  1. “If something comes from love, trust and act on it; you are making an investment in a bank that will never fail. When led by fear, you will reap nothing that you truly want.”

    Boy, this spoke to me. I think I need to keep these words posted close by. kk

  2. “Who will we be when we are no longer who we are?”
    Perhaps the answer is in the question…we will just ‘be’.

    And so this new era may not have a name because it is no longer about ‘doing’ but all about ‘being’.

    And what will we be?

    why Love, of course!

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