Quantum Realities

How much did you take with you when you last traveled? I have a tendency to take everything I might need: books, make-up, hair dryer, my special shampoo, Advil (I can’t buy Advil where I’m going??). I leave little to chance while at the same time, know I can buy whatever I forget. My consciousness is focused on want, on possibilities rather than on reality.

I’m reminded of the movie, “What The Bleep….Do We Know?” and of one scene where a young boy is playing basketball. When the lead character walks up, he tosses the ball to her and says, “take a shot.” She misses and he goes on to demonstrates how the frustration and tension she carries, along with the doubt of her ability, creates her inability to  make the shot. In a moment when the woman turns away, the scene shows a multitude of basketballs bouncing between her and the boy; but when she turns around, she sees only one. Her observation changed the possibility of many basketballs into one. The film is about quantum realities, biocentrism, and how the mind creates what we observe as our reality.

When you think about it, our bodies themselves are only representations of what we’ve created in our minds – the brain can’t “see” through the bone surrounding it. Our eyes and our senses tell the brain what to believe.

We assume everything that we observe is “out there.” But our task is to become conscious of what we don’t know, of possibilities rather than realities. We must be conscious and observe in order to make things in any way real.

Think about the last time you had an argument with someone. Wasn’t it because the two of you weren’t really understanding what the other meant? We assume we know rather than remain in our own place of peace and consider possibilities.

Look again at what Jesus says: don’t load yourself down, offer peace; if it’s received, your peace includes the other person; if not, you can still retain your own peace. It’s your consciousness that creates which reality you live.

We know what tension does to our bodies – it hunches our shoulders, makes our stomach hurt, our heads hurt, our emotions flare. Why do we choose others’ tensions to create our own realities?

None of this means we need to allow abuse. At the end of this teaching passage, Jesus goes on to say that if y0u aren’t welcomed, walk away, shake the dust off your feet and move on. Retain the reality of your own peace and allow others to find their own reality.

As humans, we can’t change the world “out there.” The only world we can change is in here. And that’s the difficult message time after time. To change the world, we must change ourselves. To find peace, we must become peaceful.

6 thoughts on “Quantum Realities

  1. This is a beautiful blog. And very helpful for me today. Thanks for commenting on my blog so that I could find yours….

  2. May I first say how blessed I am to be able to hear you expound on this theme in our service on Sundays, Janet. Thank you for your presents of Presence.
    And as you were speaking this morning, these thoughts ocurred to me…is peace like a boomerang, which when given away, returns to me intact and perhaps even increased? If so, then it would seem like “leaving” my peace with someone would eventually deplete my own inner peace.
    No, rather I came to see peace as a circular reality. IF our peace is offered through the filter of Love, specifically being a free gift without an expectation of profit or return, then it is indeed more like a glowing circle of gold that enfolds all those who choose to reach out and touch that band of loving, as it travels back to the Observer.

    And once again, I am admonished to slow down in my frenzy to live life to it’s fullest and appreciate the sparkling bits of wit and wisdom that are added, like charms, to the circle of love I send out called “Peace”.

    1. Nice, Valorie. Thank you. I appreciate hearing your musings that went on during/after the homily. That is the whole key isn’t it – non-expectation. The key to loving, the key to peace, the key to forgiveness. You do it well.

  3. I truly agree that in becoming peaceful we must tame the “crazy monkey” within in us and in doing so we are able to become a peaceful warrior. For in changing ourselves in certainly a struggle. Great work Janet!

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