Change with Faith

This is probably a good week for vigilance. Monday of this week was Summer Solstice and Saturday of this week is a Full Moon in Cancer with a Lunar Eclipse. Not only is an eclipse by itself a strong energy, but this one is especially strong because the Moon is attached to Pluto, the energy of death and transformation, square Uranus, the energy of sudden changes, and Jupiter, the energy of expansion. Saturn, the energy of structure, is also closing in on a square to Pluto and an opposition to Uranus. Interesting. Earth is in the crosshairs, in other words. What’s also personally interesting is that my birthday is Friday and my birth time only six hours or so from all the above hoo-ha. I, too, earthbound human and birthday girl, am in the crosshairs.

I’ve been a sky-watcher for as long as I can remember. When you grow up on a farm, that’s what you do: watch sky. Dad, a church-going Elder, always planted as closely connected to moon cycles as he could, given weather and rain and all those other variables. I remember him standing at the west edge of the yard, looking into a red, stormy sunset and repeating, “Red sky at night, sailors’ delight; red sky at morning, sailors’ warning.”

I could not for the life of me make sense of that, however, as it seemed backwards. Wouldn’t a red sky at night, with the attendant possibility of storms mean a warning? It was to us. I thought about that a lot. Did it mean that the storm would bring up a wind and push sailors toward land? Maybe the sailors were in the Southern Hemisphere, I though. Would that make a difference? And if I told him my confusion and asked what the saying meant, he’d say, “That’s what my dad always said.” As if that explained it all. In other words, a mystery.

The bottom line was, we watched sky. Always.

And that’s made me a woman who watches sky. And my education taught me to look farther – out past the sky I could see to planets and how their movements impacted Earth. One of my favorite sites,, allows me look at patterns in the sun. When the sun explodes Coronal Mass Ejections on the earth facing side, electronics and electricity go nuts. As does my electrical nerve network. The same sort of things happen to a lesser degree when there’s a solar wind. And right now the Sun sports a huge coronal hole, orbiting around to face earth with a strong solar wind stream due to hit earth on, you guessed it, Friday. Happy Birthday, Janet.

The point is, I’m not the only one being impacted by the electro-magnetic forces swirling around our planet right now. We’ve had earth changes and earthquakes, storms and floods, volcanos here and there, underground mine disasters and water disasters, and a general mayhem along with amazing changes and unexpected happenings. We’re all going through changes, from the ground up, as it were. We are tossed and pulled and pushed by the past into a future we can’t see.

That’s where the faith comes in, or “trust” as I call it given that “faith” can be a pretty charged word. I trust the changes that are happening, that the earth will somehow recover its balance at some point (which doesn’t mean saying the disasters are okay), and I trust that however I am being pushed to change and develop, I will. As long as I pay attention, slow down, watch, reflect, and don’t push things to happen before their time.

I connected to another blog post today from another writer, Madison Woods. You can find her post, “Wu Wei” in the Visiting Writers link. “The Taoist concept of “Wu Wei” involves knowing when to act and when not to act,” she writes. That seems to be the task we are all asked to develop in these times. Knowing, by watching, listening to our spirit voices, our bodies, reflecting on our inner senses, when it’s time to act and when it’s time to wait.

I’m going to watch a lot this week. Will I act? I don’t know. I’m writing this. But will I act in any overt way? Couldn’t tell you. Perhaps, in the end, that’s the faith mystery of our lives: a balance between knowing and not knowing.

One thought on “Change with Faith

  1. I feel it beginning to happen, without and within–fear about the gulf, our local weather, the earthquakes and floods everywhere, and the internal sadness and worry and movements I don’t understand. I’ll be especially aware on Friday, and thinking of the birthday girl and wishing you all good things.Thank you for your sharings and love.

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