Fr. Klaas Introduction

Fr. Klaas is a Transformational Therapist, empowering people through counselling (in-person and distance), retreats, workshops and seminars, as well as a huge informational support website Dawn Cove Abbey , and separate blog Voices In Dialogue, a place where visitors can finally have a ‘voice’, too and be heard.

He has assisted people for nearly 30 years, in transforming their lives from powerless victim mode to that of a confident, functional  survivor, and then eventually to freedom and being fully alive. In his therapeutic practice, which essentially is his ministry, he provides creative, intuitive, intelligent support those who wish to move from being controlled by old mind programs to living wholesomely: mentally, emotionally and spiritually – living from the heart.  In the process, people move from living semi-consciously in struggle and separation, to the awakened state of renewed awareness, flow and unity.

I love conversations! Let's start one.

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