At the Crossroad

Like many who create, I wear several hats: writer, actor, teacher, healer, priest, wife and mother (so okay, you’re not a priest–that’s okay–my kids are grown, so I’m only a pretend mother–we all stretch the lines a little). The titles aren’t ranked in significance or even importance. On any day, at any time, most of them operate simultaneously. I also manage the family farm, but adding “farmer” to the list may be over-doing it. Farmer’s daughter, yes.

The photo above is one I took in Ocean City, Maryland. It’s land and sky and water, but if you look, there’s also an old couple who struggled together up the dune to look at the water. They, too, are at a crossroad. I like to imagine they have come to the ocean for years on vacation and remember the times they played in the surf. Now they stand at a crossroad. They’ve gone as far as they can now, and they remember.

I write about memory and how the land, in this case growing up on a farm, influenced my life and my writing. I call myself a See-Far Woman. When you’re raised on a farm in Kansas, you get used to seeing far distances. I’m also a strategic thinker so seeing connections is important to me.

I write poetry and essays and book-length memoir, but for me, it’s all memory and the web memory weaves around our lives.